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Our Guarantee

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Guarantees & Refunds Procedure

We provide all of Teach it Forward’s clients with a guarantee to ensure their satisfaction. While we take measures to ensure our clients are getting the best return on their investment, we also recognise that there may be times when a client decides that working with Teach it Forward may no longer be suitable for them and their business.

200% Return On Investment Guarantee

If you ever feel during your time with Teach it Forward that you are not receiving 200% return on your investment, then you should stop working with us and we will respect your position on this without pressure or manipulation.  You are not locked into any contracts with us and you can stop at any time you want.

However, we do request that our clients have 1 more session with us, and provide us with 3 things we can do to improve our services, for you and for future clients, before this last session. If no progress has been made or you feel too much water has gone under the bridge with our coaching relationship AFTER your feedback has been given, then no more invoices will be sent and you are free to go on your way with nothing more to pay

If the above guarantee is applicable to your situation, please contact us. Please include your full name., phone number & email address. We will promptly respond to your email and issue a full refund within 30 days of your notification. If you have any further questions about our guarantees, please contact us.

Seminar & Webinar Guarantee

Over 1,500 business owners have attended our seminars over the past 8 years. We’ve always provided a rock solid guarantee, and we’re proud to say we’ve yet to have anyone take us up on the guarantee … we must be doing something right. Our guarantee isn’t that you’ll be satisfied. If you walk away and you’re just satisfied, we have not done our job. No, this program comes with a 200% Blow-You-Away guarantee. If you’re not blown away, if you don’t honestly think it was worth ten times what you’ve paid or the time you have invested to attend, then let us know. You’ll get an immediate apology and refund with no further actions required from you.


Testimonials displayed on this site are verbatim, real life experiences of people who have worked with Teach it Forward over the years. These results are not guaranteed. Your results may vary, as they are based on how many actions you implement and how often, which is nothing we can directly control on an everyday basis. They are not necessarily representative of all those who use our services. In some cases, testimonials have been edited for brevity, grammar, and spelling.

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