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Systems are the most critical of levers we as business owners, have the ability to utilise in order to grow our business, save us cash and save us time. Hence, they are the best form of LEVERAGE.


Everyone wants leverage yesterday yet the truth in the real world is that we need to EARN leverage in life and in business. Leverage is a luxury and a reward for people who focus their time, energy and money into pushing and pulling the BEST levers, all of which takes time to know which ones and when to use them.


What is the simple definition of leverage? Our understanding of leverage is: Doing more with less.


  • Achieving more with Less time

  • Achieving more with Less cash

  • Achieving more with Less of personal energy

What are the three things that a business owner can control directly to achieve their goals? They are:

Graphic showing the importance of systems and processes in your business
Man working out what systems he needs in his business

Systems are the foundation of your levers that you can influence in a business – hence the better these are, the more powerful and strong you and your business are! Without the strong foundation, your other 2 critical levers can never work at their optimum levels, which means you as the business owner has to:

  • Work longer hours to get the results you want

  • Utilise more of your cash, hence reducing or delaying your cash returns

  • Using too much of your energy into business and not enough into your important relationships and own health

This is why we have always been struck by this terrific acronym, to help focus on the most powerful lever we can personally focus on and impact;

Acronym for SYSTEMS - Save yourself time and energy

People - Hire others to do work for you and bring fresh ideas and improvements that you may not have thought of.

Technology - Use tools to automate repetitive tasks and avoid duplicating information. Remember that the quality of the result depends on the quality of the input.

Systems - Establish a structure that allows both people and technology to carry out tasks correctly and efficiently according to your needs.

Why should I do the Systems that WORK Program?

Benefits of having systems in your business
Business Meeting about systemising your business
Speech bubble overlay over another image of people

Most business owners know they ‘should’ systemise the business to give themselves the time freedom, quality control and better cash returns, yet rarely make the time for it, as there is always something else ‘more’ important to get done.


Hence, why it is so important to have a 3rd party to drive this project WITH you, to ensure it stays on track and gets completed for you, while you focus on the core parts of your business.


The reasons that you want to make a 3rd party a must in this process are:

  • They do not know how to do YOUR business actions, hence will ask the simple questions you have forgotten about.

  • They are focused on achieving the project as their No 1 priority, which will accelerate the process AND results, as they will not get distracted in the everyday ‘doing’ of your business.

  • They have 1 objective, to ensure you have practical systems that work and have trained your team to replicate them without them.

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How the Program Works

Our expert Systems Specialists will work with your team to extract the processes you need to run your business more efficiently and effectively and turn them into a well oiled machine that just keeps running.

Investing in documenting your systems is a kin to the Holy Grail for businesses. You invest in them once (by engaging Teach it Forward to extract & document) and they keep paying off over and over again. That's what makes them such a valuable asset. They simply continue to provide internal benefits, which you can then pass on to your clients in the form of consistent, accurate and prompt service.

It is a never-ending cycle of value. 

Work Team learning about their new systems

Many businesses are aware of the importance of systemizing and have attempted to do so, but often abandoned their efforts prematurely due to frustration. They may have concluded that the systems didn't work because their team didn't embrace or utilize them, and failed to recognize how this impacted their bottom line, leading to a loss of motivation to continue driving the initiative forward.

  • SYSTEMISE – where you document the way you do things now in your business.

  • OPTIMISE – where you tweak what you are doing now to generate a better result and then TEST it with team members unfamiliar with the intricacies of doing that work.

  • SYNERGISE – where you train the systems across to your team now that you know they work and the scary part – turn off all the old ways of doing the work via software and archiving old practices, so there is only 1 way.

  • CONFIDENCE-ISE – test and measure the impact of the system, which then shows you how effective your process has been and what all the investment of time and money was done to do.


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What we will deliver:
  • A well documented and fully integrated system of your choosing - 2 Systems for the 9 month program and 4 Systems for the 18 month program

  • A library of your Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) ensuring consistency across your business

  • A Roadmap connecting all the SOP in the correct sequence so you have a well oiled system

  • An outline of the workflow including checklists to be integrated into your Project Management System

  • A designated and trained Systems Leader from your team who will continue to manage & create new systems when necessary at the end of our 9 or 18 month engagement


During this process we will:

  • Identify areas of inefficiency for your team to address

  • Identify certain tasks that can be reallocated to other departments (saving you time and money)

  • Regularly test and measure the success of the new system to ensure it is delivering the desired results 

  • Work with your team (and not you as the business owner/partner) which frees you up to work in the areas of your business of your choosing


Our 9 & 18 month program will assist you in creating a highly efficient and streamlined business system that maximizes productivity, reduces costs and improves customer satisfaction.

Our Process

Roadmap for creating systems in your business
Team working in an office at a desk with an overlay of cogs about systems

Take the first step to Systemising your Business

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