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Frequently Asked Questions

As the business owner, what level of involvement would I have in the Systems that WORK program ?

That's the beauty of Systems that WORK. It doesn't take away your focus from your day to day activities as the business owner. We work with your team to extract all the processes by liaising with an elected 'Systems Leader' from your team until the system has been extracted, reviewed, tested and marked as approved and ready for company use. We check in with your from time to time to keep you updated through the process. 

What stage does my business need to be at to do the Systems that WORK Program ?

There is no specific stage that your business has to be at in order to work with us. We have helped clients achieve their business systems goals at all stages of their journey, ranging from solo entrepreneurs to companies with over 50 staff members. Our principles remain consistent across all industries and business sizes, with the objective of generating predictability through systems. We are committed to assisting you on your systems and team's journey, whether you're a one-person operation or a larger business.

How long does each Stage of the Systems that WORK program take ?

Each system takes approximately 17 weeks from beginning to end. Within this time frame we go through 4 stages;

  • Stage 1 runs for 6 weeks

  • Stage 2 takes between 4-5  weeks

  • Stage 3 takes between 4-5 weeks and

  • Stage 4 takes between 3-4 weeks.

The variables that affect the range is;

  • Client postpones or and reschedules meetings

  • Clients failing to do the necessary pre-work prior to the capture call


What is the minimum number of weekly hours needed ?

We liaise weekly with your team.

  • In Stage 1, each week your team will have 2 weekly calls to extract the processes which usually lasts 6 weeks. Each process requires about 10 minutes of pre-work prior to the extraction call.

  • In Stage 2 your Systems Leader will be required to give 1 hour or their time per week plus 3-4 hours per week to review the extracted systems with other team members.

  • In Stage 3 & 4 the required weekly time is roughly 2-4 hours per week.

The time required per week per system is the same for a 9 or 18 month program.

Achieving success requires commitment and dedication. Clients who fully engage with our services by ensuring complete the pre-work prior to each call have better quality results when it comes to the quality of information that is extracted and documented. 

Do you have a payment plan ?

Yes. We have 2 options;

  1. Pay a once off fee upfront there which will save you 13% on the overall cost; OR

  2. Pay a monthly installment over 9 or 18 months, depending on which program you choose

The first payment is always made up front and then each calendar month on the same day for simplicity and to make it clear and easy for your cashflow.

How long have you been providing your services ?

We have been coaching and mentoring businesses since 2004 and with business throughout Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK and Asia. Within this time we have helped firms with systemising their businesses at a high level, yet in the last 4 years, it has become our main focus where we have developed extremely thorough system development, internal testing of them, training into the businesses and reviewing the numbers difference from before to after the systemising process.

What benefits can my team expect from the program ?

Your team can expect to work in a better environment. Because your team play a major part in developing, testing and then training the systems with Teach it Forward's guidance, they feel more ownership of the systems. When your key team members feel 'ownership' of the systems, they will naturally enroll the rest of the team to use them, hence no "pushing" is required by the owners. It becomes a self-sustaining and empowering culture.

What other costs can I expect besides the 9 or 18 month program? Are there any required tools ?

We have designed the Systems that WORK to fit in with your current tools and programs, without any hidden costs. Many of our clients utilise some sort of project management system in order to maximise the usage of their systems and ensure the team use them everyday. If you do not have this in your business, it is something we recommend, yet is not compulsory. If you do not have one and are interested, we can assist you in selecting & setting one up at the end of Stage 2 in our process.

I have attempted to build systems in the past. What sets this program apart ?

Many business owners believe that a few how-to checklists and a couple of templates constitutes a "system." However, these are merely components or sub-systems and not a complete system.

Our Systems that WORK program ensures that you have not just a cohesive and complete system, but one that is TESTED live with your team before it is then TRAINED into your team.

Many businesses will do the first step of documenting some systems, yet most of these never get tested and are rarely ever trained across the team. The Teach it Forward "Systems that Work" program does all of this PLUS more.

Systems are put in place to change habits and increase effectiveness in a business. Teach it Forward ensures the impact of the systems are measurable and begins measuring the desired results BEFORE we start to systemise, during the process and then post the 4 stages of systemising. This way you get 100% visibility of what difference the systemising really makes in your business!

Do I need to rebuild my existing business systems if I join the Systems that Work ?

Not necessarily. If your current systems are producing the desired outcomes which are accurate and consistent, then just ensure everyone is using them and keeps doing that. We systemise the areas in your business that are NOT producing the results you want in your business.

What is the Cost of the Systems that WORK Program ?

During our initial consultation, we will work together to identify which program that best meets your goals and budget with either a 9 or 18 month program.

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Benefits of adding systems to your business
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Effective systems allow entrepreneurs to leverage their time, resources & expertise

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