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About Teach it Forward

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Teach it Forward is a Business Development company specialising in System & Process Development.

We take a tailored, collaborative, and fun approach to assist business owners in breaking through their self-imposed limitations, transforming fears into confidence taking their business to the next level.  We achieve this by creating organized and user-friendly documentation of your systems and procedures.

Our Purpose


Our Core Purpose is to inspire people to live INTO their TRUE power! Our conviction is that the business owners mainly operating in the Accounting industry possess vast untapped potential. By gradually uncovering this potential in a manageable manner, not only do the business owners experience greater fulfilment, but the company's profitability is also enhanced, and families feel more connected. Our core objective is to foster family connections, and this is the underlying principle guiding all our actions.

What We Do


Teach it Forward has over 12 years of experience working with accounting firm owners who want to transform their business into one that serves their team, clients, and family better than ever before. With our tools, templates, and training, we can help you achieve your business goals and guarantee your success.


We can help your business in five key areas: culture, connection, cashflow, confidence, and clarity. By improving these areas, you can create a more productive, efficient, and successful business that benefits everyone involved.

  • CultureIn the Teams/Business - People are one of the three leverage points for any business owner, and having clear and happy people leads to greater productivity.

  • ConnectionImprove connection with clients - Improving how you and your team speak to clients can lead to increased sales and more opportunities to provide extra services.

  • Cashflow – Reducing debtors can save time and allow for a reduction in partner hours, leading to greater efficiency.

  • Confidence in your business model and future – Making your business transparent can help you identify and address problems with a structured and practical approach, leading to greater confidence in your business model and future.

  • Clarity – Ensuring your business workflow structure meets your needs can prevent daily stress and prevent clients feeling let down.

Whilst Trent Taylor can provide coaching/mentoring to work specifically with the Partners in the firm to help grow the business, our System Specialists will work with your 'Systems Champion' and your team through our Systems That WORK Program, to extract and document your critical business systems.

Our Systems Specialists also ensure that the team is held accountable to using these systems and ensuring systems are being created and updated where needed.

Your firm will start to work like a well-oiled machine and you as the firm owner can step out of the day-to-day operations to focus on the areas of the business they need to.


If this sounds like something you would like to achieve Book a Discovery Call with us today.

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The strongest entrepreneurs have the strongest systems

Our Partners in Education & Industry

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Ab2 Institute of Accounting provides finance qualifications, masterclasses, and short courses to both aspiring accountants and established industry professionals. Teach it Forward provides 2 Professional courses - Effective Offshoring & Scaling your Business.

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A Country Practice Accountants Group is an alliance of top accounting practices from rural areas across New South Wales and beyond. Peer-recommended membership enables trusted information and knowledge sharing among members, fostering a network of support among like-minded individuals.

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