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Our Team

Trent Taylor

CEO & Founder
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Trent Taylor is a renowned global business growth coach and leadership trainer with over 25 years of experience. Trent is known for his tough approach to coaching as he believes that clients have the potential to achieve more and shouldn't settle for low self-esteem or self-worth.

As a trusted advisor to numerous businesses, Trent has a talent for breaking down complex concepts and providing a fresh perspective on business strategy, helping companies to find joy in their work and understand the big picture. He has helped business owners who were struggling with time management and cash flow to enabling them to work less, spend more time with their families and triple their income.


He developed the Business Spine Coaching Methodology, where he works no more than 4 days a week with a full month off at the end of each year as well as a few breaks during the year. He runs 3 businesses, a farm and has a family of five - and he is able to excel and keep on top of all this because of the Systems he has instilled into this team and himself. These very systems enabled him to take his family on a two-year caravan trip around Australia while still achieving a 13% growth in his business. 

Trent reveals the secret to his success is having Systems in place. Mastering the art of Systems is the key to unlocking boundless potential and achieving success. 

He has a successful track record as a business owner and has helped many small and medium business owners regain control of their businesses and achieve real results. Trent has a passion for removing the fear of failure that business owners face and has developed business programs and services to provide clarity, metrics and the systems to ensure business reliability.

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